The Knicks can’t get a break!

Nobody expected the Knicks to be championship contenders this season.

But then again, nobody expected them to be this bad either.

At 4-11 to start the season, only the Sixers, Lakers, and Thunder have a worse record, while the Hornets share the Knicks’ record. Many things can be attributed to this early season slump by the Knicks.

  • Maybe it’s the fact that they are learning a new triangle offense that none of the players have experience with.
  • Maybe it’s due to early season injuries by Andrea Bargnani and Jose Calderon. Rookie Cleanthony Early is also missing time.
  • Maybe the team just downright sucks. 

Maybe it’s a combination of all three? Regardless of what the root of the problem is, the Knicks are BAD.

There was hope however, when Jose Calderon returned from an early season absence to help the Knicks to a victory over the 76ers. Sure, it was the one team that was still yet to win a game in the league, but a win is a win right? They would be put to a real test a few days later with a road game against the Houston Rockets.

The game started off good enough, with the max deficit the Knicks faced being 12 points. Not bad considering they were the major underdog. Melo was puttin in work like normal and the rest of the team continued to suck (also like normal). Melo had 14 points and 7 boards with two minutes to go in the half, when the exact last thing the team needed happened.

Melo headed to the locker room, with what later would be diagnosed as back spasms. He would not return in the game.

The rest of the team was forced to step up, and to their credit, they actually did. While nobody else on the team would ever hit double-digit scoring, the points were balanced with several guys scoring eight or nine points. At one point half-way through the fourth, they even had a six point lead. Much of this was due to the Rockets turning the ball over excessively, but the Knicks still had to score a few points to get the lead. Once James Harden came back in, they never stood a chance again, finally losing by 5 (which still isn’t bad considering the Rockets are a really good team this year).

Now Melo is doubtful to play against the Mavs in Dallas, and it probably isn’t unlikely for him to miss more time. Right at the moment that there might just be some hope because of the return of Calderon, it is all shattered by an injury to the irreplaceable Melo. He had finally been shooting the ball well (over 50% for a considerable streak of games) and was really attacking the glass against Houston.

Now the Knicks are going to have to find some guys to step up in the wake of what hopefully will be a short absence by Carmelo Anthony. There is still plenty of time left in the season to turn it around, but at some point it becomes too late. The Knicks have to start winning with some consistency before it is too late.

What do you think is holding the Knicks back this season? What should they be doing to make things better? Let me know in the comments below!


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