As the writer of this site, I am so glad you found your way to this page to read a little bit about me.

For starters, I’ll provide you guys with probably the most essential and basic information there is for me to give. My name is Collin Garvey, and at the time of writing this post, I am 16 years old. Hopefully I will still be adding to to this site years from now when I am no longer 16, but for now this is how it is. I live with my mom, dad, sister, and pet dog in a suburban city in Illinois.

Collin small

Blah blah blah, who really cares right? While this information may not be the most exciting, it is still pretty vital and definitely in need of being shared.

Now for some slightly more interesting info. As you could probably tell by the name of “Forever Hoops,” I enjoy basketball. I played for much of my childhood and while I was never the star, I got my fair share of buckets. I’ve given up playing the game at this point for a variety of reasons but my love for the game has not faded any less since. Whether its watching the Knicks or Michigan State chop on TV or playing 2K with my friends, I easily manage to work the game into my life one way or another. Now, in addition to everything I’ve done before, I’m building a whole website around the game. Never thought I would do that.

Football is a solid second for me behind basketball, and every other sport doesn’t really matter to me. I have been a Peyton Manning fan going on 8 years now, so now I am a huge Denver Broncos fan. I used to be a die-hard Colts fan (similar to my love for the Knicks today) but I just really didn’t care for how the franchise let the greatest player in NFL history (Manning, of course) go with such little appreciation. I’ll save that rant for another post. I like Michigan State in football as well and the Rams because they’re the local team.

Oh, and don’t ask. I can’t stand baseball, soccer has too little scoring (although I’ll admit the goals are fun to watch, IF they happen), and hockey is just okay for me.

Ever since I was little, I’ve been told that I’m a good writer, and I’ll admit that I’m decent. So it only makes sense that I should write about something I love, like basketball right? Well, quite honestly it has taken a lot of persuasion by my parents in order for me to get this site going, despite the fact that it is a rather perfect fit for my skills. I struggle from perfectionism and I can be very impatient, and those two factors have lowered my desire to handle a large task like developing a sports blog. This journey of creating my site into something (hopefully) more impressive than it is today will not be easy, but also probably with rewards and some good times here and there.

Again, thanks for stopping by my site today. I hope you’ll join me on this journey towards creating an informative yet entertaining and established sports blog!